Guide Turin - Insider tips for a successful city trip

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The Fiat made Turin world famous. Markus_Götz / Pixelio

The guide Turin is full of surprises

  • If you want to visit Turin and have obtained a travel guide for the city, you will notice that are not only the car brand Fiat and soccer in the foreground. Here, the chocolate and the butter pecan ice cream was invented and the biggest relic of the Catholics, the grave cloth of Christ, is kept here. Many historic buildings, built by the masters of the Baroque, invite you to visit.
  • Should you visit the first time the city on the Po, you will immediately notice the Mole Antonelliana. With its 167 meters it is the tallest building and also the symbol of the city. An elevator takes you to the viewing platform, from which you have an exceptional view over the Alps and over the hills. Here includes the Film Museum is housed, which is among the largest in Europe.
  • But also many interesting palazzos, churches, the beautiful Valentino Park and the Botanical Garden will be listed in your guide from Turin. Through the gardens you go over bridges, under which small artificial lakes have been created and run by proper small forests. Many exotic plants from around the world are successfully bred in four greenhouses. Unfortunately, the rare species can be admired only at certain times and with a guide.
  • In the center, between the bridges Re Umberto I and Principessa Isabella, is the Parco del Valentino. This charming hotel is ideal for sports of all kinds or just to relax. But at the end of the park you leave reality and can be found in a lovingly restored village from the Middle Ages again. After the journey you enter via a drawbridge, the attention to detail rebuilt Valentino castle.

The mystical Torino

  • Even in bad weather, you can go shopping, because 18 km long stroll under arcades, which are an attraction in itself. In the cafés you get the most delicious ice cream and chocolate creations served and small are sumptuously decorated restaurants you can enjoy the typical dishes from Piedmont. But Your guide will also take you into the mystical and mysterious Turin.
  • Enter a world that is fifteen feet below the city. Here you step on a guided tour the cellars and citadels of baroque palaces, have been committed in dene murders were never solved. By dimly lit tunnel turn off and experienced in the former royal refrigerators of Porta Palazzo, what secrets were hidden here long ago. To see all the beauties of Torino, actually a city trip is not enough.
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