Guinness Draught - knowing about the drink

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Guinness Draught - knowing about the drink

Guinness has an incomparable taste. Woyzeck / Pixelio

Facts about the brand Guinness

  • Guinness is a beer from Ireland. This beer is produced by the same brewery and sold in many countries.
  • the brewery of Arthur Guinness was founded in 1759 in Dublin. Since then, the beer is made there and in many other breweries.
  • Depending on the country to which the specialty is sold, different recipes for production use.
  • Meanwhile, the breweries belong to the Diageo drinks company, which has its headquarters in London.
  • The brewery produces beers. These include Guinness Draught, Guinness Extra Stout, Guinness Foreign Extra, Guinness Red and Guinness Gold. Each of these types has different textures, such. As the alcohol content.
  • Furthermore, also creates mixed drinks with the special beer. For this purpose it is mixed with sparkling wine, champagne, whiskey, cider or with other beers.

Information on the variety "Draught"

In Ireland, Guinness Draught Guinness belongs to popular variety. In Germany, however, rather the Extra Stout is preferred.

  • The Draught sells freshly tapped from the barrel, from cans and plastic bottles.
  • A special feature is the filling method, the widget called flow ting. This method ensures that when you open a can of a gas is released, which ensures that the beer tastes like freshly tapped.
  • The Draught is mixed with oxygen and nitrogen to 30% to 70%. This has the consequence that the froth is very close; also the incomparable taste is due to this mixture.
  • The beer has an alcohol content of 4.2%.
  • It has a slightly roasted aroma and flavor reminiscent of malt.

It tastes best freshly pulled Guinness Draught together with friends in an Irish pub to good music.

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