Guitar fret - you remember the individual sounds

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Guitar fret - you remember the individual sounds

At least on the fretboard of the guitar player should know the notes. Hartmut910 / Pixelio

The arrangement of the notes on the fingerboard

  • A guitar is by default tuned "on E". That is, give the strings when no guitar fret is grasped, the following sounds (from low to high): E - A - D - G - B - E. With "B" here the American term meant in the Pop - and rock music has prevailed. The German name would be "H".
  • For starters, there are some useful mnemonics, for example, "An Old Lady Is Bread Shop" or "A Monkey Can Whole Food pretzels".
  • From Confederation to Federation of tone is respectively a semitone higher. As between the tones of the strings is respectively a fourth (five semitones), is the fifth fret always the tone of the next string: In the fifth fret of the D string is for example the G. The only exception is the B, the fourth on the Bund the G string is.
  • An octave consists of twelve semitones. From the twelfth fret guitar the fingerboard but just one octave repeats, so to speak, higher.

The orientation on the guitar fret

  • During the game can not, of course permanently from the open string starting collar for collar are counted up until the required tone. Therefore it is extremely important to memorize some points.
  • The C major scale is an absolute must for any musician who is not purely percussive. This is the fundamental to our cultural space scale, based on the harmonic system. Learn this scale (as far as possible on the saddle) memorized in the first layer.
  • Now you will be a great white spot between the sixth and eleventh fret (and accordingly the eighteenth Federation) of each string. Learn best first the notes in the C major scale along the E-string heart. These lie on the frets 0-1-3-5-7-8-10; the keynote C is at the eighth fret guitar.
  • From there you can jump each at intervals. You already know that there is a fourth between the open strings; This principle can be moved: the tenth fret of the E string is the D - logically is the G in the tenth fret of the A string.
  • The octave each sound can be found when you jump two strings higher (there is the minor seventh) and then two frets higher slip.
  • The highest string is also an E - can these tricks so backward apply. Enter However on the irregularity of the G-string of eight!

gradually using the C major scale Learn all intervals and conquer yourself in this way little by little the fingerboard. Remember also the places that you often need in the game, to count from there can.

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