Guitar painting - that you should be aware

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Guitar painting - that you should be aware

painting a guitar again

You can play guitar, but it is not very long done. Now you finally get the guitar out again, and unfortunately have to see that the paint does not look nice. Or have bought on eBay and the color you do not like. So you decide to paint your guitar new. This is to do with a little effort, even slightly.

Preparation of the guitar

  • Of course it is important that your guitar strings are removed and must be unscrewed or removed all parts that are going to remove.
  • If you want to mask off these parts only, which is also possible, but it can actually work better if was removed as much as possible.
  • Now it goes to the grinding of old paint. Either you do it with a grinding machine or by hand. Use for grinding 600-grit sandpaper and sand all surfaces matt from.
  • When using a grinding machine, which is quicker and easier to take for the edges and corners then the hand.
  • When grinding your guitar you may fall even a few minor holes or dents in which you deal with putty. What sort your guitar is the most appropriate, ask the dealer. In order to fill the existing points indicated, underline this smooth and let it dry according to instructions. After drying, you can grind these places also really smooth.

The painting

  • Before it goes to lacquering, you have the entire guitar with a damp cloth to wipe completely clean so that no dust residue or old paint residues are still present on the guitar. Now again let it dry properly and then the painting can begin.
  • If you only want to paint your guitar, you can now start with a small foam roller to apply the varnish very thinly and evenly.
  • Of course there is also the possibility that you will make your guitar color. That is, you now carry only color on, let this dry thoroughly and then apply as already described to paint on.
  • If all is well dried, remove all removed parts, the strings pull back on, tune your guitar and then you can start making music again.
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