Guitar send - Notes

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Guitar send - Notes

A guitar you should pack well before sending.

Pack the guitar safely before sending a

  • Of course, the best protection for a guitar that you want to send is an appropriate case for the musical instrument. In it the good piece is securely stowed during shipment. A box in which you also embed the musical instrument, of course, is not missing. But Wrap initially the case with the bubble wrap and fix them using the adhesive tape. Finally, you still fill the gaps in a box with newspaper and glue the box finally.
  • Missing the case, so you should use the pages of the musical instrument to loosen a bit so they are not under tension. then wrapping the musical instrument with the bubble wrap and place it in a cardboard box whose interstices fill also with newspaper.

About this provider, you can send music instruments

  • The musical instrument, you can send, for example, by the German Post. Insured shipping is this advisable, so that insurance can access in case of damages. The musical instrument is in the insured variant up to Euro 500, - assured. The other advantage is that you can make a shipment tracking so you know where the item is just exactly and when he arrives at the addressee. Moreover, you should note that the amount of postage depends on the weight of Deutsche Post.
  • Also the Hermes can be used by you if you want to send the musical instrument. For this you should know that the postage amount on the size of the carton and not the weight is dependent ago, however. A children's guitar you can send well so via this provider, which you should also know that the Hermes also uses the insured shipping. Furthermore, it is advantageous that the Hermes offers a package pick-up service, which you can use.
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