Gutter soldering with electric soldering iron

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Gutter soldering with electric soldering iron

The gutter is an important part of the house

Do you own a house and the gutter defective, you can repair it yourself. If the gutter is properly sealed and last again, you should consider some things. You can use a new piece of the defective track or repair the leak with an electric soldering iron.

A new piece of gutter must be used correctly

  1. If you want to use a completely new piece of gutter, you should make sure that the overlap of the two ends is not greater than 15 mm and the gap between them is not more than 0.8 mm. Otherwise, the solder does not close the gap.
  2. First you have to clean the ends of the old gutter properly with a suitable cleaning agent and allow to dry. If the material is properly dried which are to be soldered are treated with coarse sandpaper.
  3. Now you emphasize the ends that are to be soldered, with the flux and keep the preheated electric soldering iron and the solder on the solderable body. When the solder is hot enough, it drips on the electric soldering iron and flows into the gap between the two gutter ends. In this way they are joined together.
  4. This procedure must be repeated until the entire gutter gap is closed with solder. Allow it to cool the solder joint. Then you can grind smooth with sandpaper.

Rust can be soldered to the electric soldering iron

  • Other gutter connections, you can connect in this way. The same applies to small rust holes that you can also solder the electric soldering iron. To obtain the gutter in a simple manner be tight again.
  • For larger holes, the use of the electric soldering iron is not recommended, you should proceed according to paragraph 1 and replace the piece in question the gutter.

Worries When soldering always a safe position and get the best one Combination ladder that can be folded down as a scaffold. Never place a high ladder to lean on a house wall. With the hot soldering iron in hand, you can log in to an uncertain state of serious personal injury.

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