Hair color wash - so you save the hairstyle

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Hair color wash - so you save the hairstyle

can sometimes fail hair coloring.

Actually, the new hair color should make you more attractive, but now you hardly dare bareheaded out of the house. A small consolation: you are not alone. From the problem of wayward hair color especially women are often affected.

Unsuccessful hair color in permanent coloration

What did you use? Should there be a permanent coloration, then you are the color is not as easy going again. Washing is impossible in this case.

  • If you have used a permanent coloration and wish now back your natural hair color, then only one thing: you have your hair bleach and then with a color that matches your natural color, color.
  • But be careful: This procedure damages your hair sustainable. See of "self-tests" and seek necessarily a hairdresser on. Seek advice. Perhaps it is already sufficient if you can stain highlights.
  • A further possibility is the "acidic color proof". Also this should let you make better by a hairdresser. The color proof is similar to a bleaching, but is less intense. The hair can be reddish and have in most cases - are nachgefärbt in the desired color - as well as after a bleaching.

Wash A tint

On the question of whether one can wash tints, it depends on whether you have used an intensive or a mild foam tint. Also the condition of your hair is crucial: from heavily strained or bleached hair foam tints are even hard to wash out.

  • In an Intensive tint it behaves like the coloration: You can not simply wash again the unwelcome hair color. You can try to mitigate the disaster by using an exfoliating shampoo and then apply a conditioner. The conditioner should several hours - soak - or overnight. Rinse your hair after exposure thoroughly. With luck, your hair should be now at least become a little brighter.
  • Mild foam tints can be washed from healthy and non-pretreated hair usually without problems. You should repeatedly your hair - best with a dandruff shampoo - wash. Residues can be removed with a peeling shampoo here. Subsequent hair treatment is advisable, because dandruff shampoos and exfoliating dry out the hair and scalp.
  • Problematic washing out the foam tint, when your hair was strongly stressed or bleached before use. The hair color is usually uneven and appear "spotty" - the change even after several washes little. Try again with an exfoliating shampoo and a conditioner. If all else fails, then you only remains to the hairdresser.
  • Old home remedies wayward hair colors are, for example, the repeated washing of discolored hair with laundry soap or dishwashing detergent. However, of these methods is not recommended, the damage that can occur on the skin and hair are difficult to predict and may be fatal. If dandruff, Peeling shampoo and conditioner use anything, then look better on a hairdresser.

Finally a hint: dye your hair never too dark, choose a shade that is not too much different from your natural hair color. Maintain your colored hair intensively, it might otherwise be quickly splissig and brittle. If in doubt, seek advice from a professional. Your new hair color should finally underline your type positive and a miss dent or disaster hair color will not easily go again.

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