Hair discoloration - what to do?

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Hair discoloration - what to do?

With high quality products, dyeing works on its own Sara_Hegewald / Pixelio

Hair dye - a little surprise box

  • It already has its reasons why there is the profession of barber. Not only the haircut, also dyeing to be practiced. But to the hairdresser is not cheap and the products in the drugstores as varied and inexpensive that you somehow accesses prefer there. Although it is a hundred times gone well, it can still go wrong.
  • With dark hair color is less the problem that you yourself discolored hair. Tricky is in blonde tones. Especially if red is in the game, the coloring becomes a challenge. And sometimes waiting an unwanted surprise on one.

The following section explains what you can do when you have your hair colored.

To resolve the problem, when the hairs are discolored

  • If you suffer from discolored hair, you can use the one going to the hairdresser. Tell him what hair color you have imagined. He can expertly fix the problem and you have just the hair color that you wanted.
  • Do you prefer to self-medicate your hair, then it depends on what you have before. In most cases, discolored hair, because you would like to be blonde, but a dark hair color output complicates this project and the hair are often orange, but not blond.
  • Here you have the opportunity to choose a dark hair color to move away from the blonde tone and to dye your hair with it. Dark hair colors have a large color density, because the problem is resolved quickly.
  • Should you choose to continue to have blonde hair, then you can color the hair after about two days again. The pause is important so that your hair will not be overused and turn the worst case. Who often bleached in succession, risking that the hair and break blunt.
  • Access in blonde tones is best to use quality products. The dyes or bleaches from the drugstore often leave a yellowish tinge. Because offer products from the Internet good, for example, "Blondor" of Wella. These colors are gentle and also come with light reds along better. Assuming you have no fire red hair or black brown hair, here you really should consult a hairdresser to rate, so that the result is satisfactory.
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