Hair stink quickly - what to do?

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Hair stink quickly - what to do?

So you can soon feel good with your hair.

Wash the hair makes sense

  • A common cause of smelly hair is that they are rarely washed. Therefore, it may be the solution for you, regular and frequent pre-shampooing.
  • You should your hair and especially the scalp shampooing well to thoroughly remove the sebum, which can generate the bad smell.
  • Use during shampooing a conditioner or rinse, but you should only apply to the hair and not the scalp in order to prevent too rapid sebum.
  • Even daily hair washing can cause head main and hair stink quickly. This is because is that the natural layer of tallow scalp removed daily and so excited to rapid post-production. If you are a daily hair washer, it can therefore also help to increase the intervals between washes.

Hair stink quickly - other possible causes

  • Do you tend to a strong night sweats, this may be a reason that your hair stink quickly. Therefore, you should use a shampoo to make better in the morning than in the evening before bedtime. So keep your hair all day fresh and not smell unpleasant.
  • It is also useful if you as soon as possible dry your hair after washing - because wet hair catch on faster, to smell as dry.

If the problem but a longer time lug around and should no way you can help a visit to the dermatologist is attached. This can help you to find the causes and show you ways and means it. So you can avoid in the future that your hair start quickly, unpleasant to smell.

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