Hairdresser: training and content - About Your Job

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Hairdresser: training and content - About Your Job

As a hairdresser you are customer oriented.

The Education of hairdressers is a work- and school education and lasts 3 years. You have the opportunity to learn this profession with every degree.

Find out for training

  • As Barber trainee you work the majority of the time in a hair salon. Additionally takes 1 to 2 times a week teaching in the vocational school. In addition, during the formation of 2 to 3 inter-company training courses, which take place usually one week in full-time education.
  • In the first 18 months, you learn the basics of hairdressing work know. These include the Kundenbereuung, wash hair, hair coloring and treatment packs applied and the winding of perms. This content, as well as theoretical foundations in biology, chemistry, mathematics and technical knowledge are taught at the vocational school.
  • In the next 18 months of training, you learn the basics of different cutting techniques. You learn also hochzustecken the hair and to style. In the theoretical lessons you deal with the construction and operation of chemical agents for hair dyeing and perming.
  • Furthermore, you will be taught skills in decorative cosmetics and deal with the basics of nail designs.
  • Throughout the training you will learn how a crafts business is run and what safeguards are observed. Furthermore, you will be taught the correct customer handling.
  • After the first 18 months an interim examination takes place before an examination committee. The results of this test will be added to 25% to the total result of the final examination. At the end of the 3 years, the final examination takes place.

Your salary as a hairdresser

  • As hairdressing apprentice you get a training allowance as salary during the entire training. This is graded and increases after each year of training.
  • The amount of compensation depends on the collective agreement, which applies to your education.
  • The salary as a trainee in the hairdressing sector is quite low and amounts to approximately 200 to 350 euros in the first year, 250 to 450 euros in the second year, and about 340 to 550 euros in the third year.
  • In addition, there are tips that you get for your services provided occasionally.
  • As out-skilled hairdresser's salary depends on the tariff and also from the mode in which you operate. In addition, in some companies the salary commensurate with experience and field of application is staggered.
  • Some companies also pay commissions for selling hairdressing products.

The Education of hairdressers is very varied but also exhausting. If you have successfully completed the program, provides under certain circumstances a master course at with which you can make then autonomously.

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