Hairstyle and platter mind - it CONSIDERATIONS

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Hairstyle and platter mind - it CONSIDERATIONS

To conceal a flat back of the head.

Platter mind when man - hides this haircut

  • If you as a man have a flat head and want to wear a short hair cut, you should point out to the hairdresser that this is not too short hair cut at the back. Hair should, at a shallow mind, always be somewhat longer than the barber you would normally cut. So the overall picture of the head is uniform.
  • If you style her hair with money or hairspray and like to wear a little 'punkigere' hairstyle, then you can style the hair on the back of the head a bit stand-off. So your mind looks visually bulky and less flat.
  • A platter mind when man can collapse by a long hair or a stylish surfer section.
  • If you do not want to style your hair consuming, then you can also grab a hat. This conceals a flat back of the head also.

This hairstyle is suitable for women

  • If you as a woman have a flat head and looking for a suitable hairstyle, then you should get cut a stylish Bob. This conceals the head and makes the mind look fuller.
  • A further possibility, in a woman with short hair, is to toupieren hair. So the mind looks much fuller. In addition, these casual-sassy hairstyle attracts certainly to so few admiring glances.
  • If you as a woman would like to have long hair and want to cover up your mind yet, then you should definitely get cut a layered cut. You shortest stage should be at the height of the back of the head. The result is visually more volume.
  • A platter mind can be disguised with a perm. By curling the entire head including head looks full.
  • Even with women: If you do not feel like an elaborate styling, then sit down a knitted hat casually on the back of the head.
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