Hamachi: not connect over the Internet - Troubleshooting

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Hamachi: not connect over the Internet - Troubleshooting

So Hamachi works again.

First, it is possible to create a virtual LAN to connect to another computer over the Internet via Hamachi. However, the proper settings must be made for it, otherwise no connection can be established.

Setting up Hamachi correctly

  1. The first reason could be a wrong created group involving you or the owner of the other computer. In order to connect over the Internet can be made, both require exactly the same group.
  2. Start by going to the Control Panel on your computer and then click on the "Network and Internet". Now select "Change Adapter Settings". You will now see an overview of all connections of the computer, including Hamachi.
  3. Check this link and then restart the program Hamachi and log in. If you click on the top "Network" tab, you can create a network or a network connection.
  4. Thus Hamachi can connect via the Internet, should only one of them to create a group. The other occurs at this group then, otherwise no connection can be established. If you add the other computer in your group, you can see this by a green dot.

No connection because of firewall

  • Another possibility, why there is no connection could be your firewall. Since Hamachi creates a virtual LAN connection over the Internet, it may be that your firewall would this stop.
  • Your firewall, you should therefore not completely off, otherwise the computer protection is lost. Look at your menu and confirm Hamachi as an exception, then the connection should work.
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