Hamburger arrogance - a portrait

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Hamburger arrogance - a portrait

The Hamburger arrogance sings (also) Hamburg in all its beauty.

The Hamburger arrogance - you should know about the cult band

  • A certain amount of "Zeitgeist", as well as the eponymous title Hamburger arrogance reveals, can the band - even if you wanted to - not be denied.
  • For over 25 years, it is possible the guys around frontman and producer Arn Schlürmann on a very peculiar but charming manner which to consider "essence" of Hamburg itself.
  • Thomas Marx, Young Hack Chi and Uwe Krop complete the "guys" which - as can be seen not hard on their texts, have something to say.
  • Particularly striking and distinctive is mainly because the voice Schlürmanns that skillfully expresses the songs like "Living 'In Hamburg", "Welcome to the Toll House" or "More, More, More" in a very specific form.

A formation - essential for Hamburg

  • Originally, the band is a kind of amalgamation of creative copywriters. And just as well thought out and high quality, the lyrics are accordingly designed.
  • Although it Hamburg arrogance first main concern was to devote her hometown a declaration of love, it was the time also party songs such as "Cowboys want more (My Boat)" or critical content best.
  • The "mini-album" 1988 is also known as "Young Blood" in 1991. The former is rather in the synth-pop-disco-style, while "Young Blood" rather trendy anmutet.

but the fact is: He who loves pop and funk, comes with the radio band as well at his expense, as rock and jazz fans. Impressive examples of the art of singing in this regard are, for example, songs like "paint wash & apples with icing" or "command returns".

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