Handling bill - Informative

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Handling bill - Informative

Only Staplerschein, then successful driving

acquire Handling bill - how it works

The forklift certificate entitles you to drive forklift trucks or similar vehicles. Many companies / forwarders insist on this bill. Mostly you financed the company the forklift license or if you are looking for more work, this can also be purchased through the labor office / job center, if you take in the near future such a professional to complete.

  • The basic requirement to make the forklift license, is a minimum age of 18 years. Furthermore, you should have a good vision and hearing, only then you are suitable for driving forklifts.
  • A course or specific training with theoretical and practical examination may help you to get the forklift license. The times vary from 3 days for courses and a few weeks of training.
  • Without this bill, we allow no trucks in operation. Your boss and would thus act with gross negligence.
  • Some training centers and the DEKRA offer courses and seminars for the forklift license. If you assume the cost, you have to expect to pay about 100 to 1000 Euro.

Successfully participate in the seminar

  • A seminar for example, can go only 1 day, but also last for several weeks. Depending on where and who you take this course.
  • You learn the technique of individual vehicles which protective measures and rules of conduct are common, as you have to behave in certain situations, and what are the dangers.
  • Furthermore, you need a practical operation and, through exercise. Here you will learn how to record loads, driving with and without load, how to settle and stack loads and trucks loading and unloading.
  • It is important that you wear safety shoes at the maneuvers. This is later in the profession a prescribed measure.
  • If you have the learned everything, then you have to pass a theoretical and practical examination. Only when that is successful, you may keep your forklift bill in hand.
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