Handyman Tips: A roof for the garden pavilion so successful

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Handyman Tips: A roof for the garden pavilion so successful

Build the roof of a gazebo. Dieter_Schütz / Pixelio

Some tips from home improvement

A roof for a garden gazebo is attached in most cases smaller rooftops. There are battens beaten on the ridges and on it then the roof is put on. There are various types of roofs, in which there is observed some. Below you will find a few tips that might be a useful handyman.

  • The first possibility for a garden pavilion roof is a flat roof. With a flat roof of yourselfer can easily work with a large thick chipboard, which is simply placed on the support beams and bolted angles.
  • One of many tips might be here all coatings such as roofing felt or corrugated iron, which are optionally mounted on the clamping plate should be mounted on the floor.
  • Then you should take care before attaching the flat roof that your roof has a small slope. To this end, let one side of the supporting beam, on your roof then rests, slightly shorter.
  • One of the more important tips could be for the handyman also that you mounted a gutter at the edge of the gazebo roof.

The roof build around

  • For a round roof, which is built on a garden pavilion, there are many tips that can use the handyman. For example, you can attach as additional moisture protection between battens and Außenlattung film. In addition, all wood used should be impregnated.
  • For good tips for attaching the roof battens and Außenlattung could also a hot, use a nail shooting mechanism. With a nail shooting mechanism saves you certainly some crooked nails and you should achieve a large time advantage over the normal driving nails with such a shooting mechanism.
  • Another Last of many tips for home improvement might be, you can be a lot of time when installing a roof on your gazebo.

If you are setting up your roof, it is best to work in pairs.

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