"He pays no attention to me" - so talk to your partner

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"He pays no attention to me" - so talk to your partner

Consideration in the partnership is important. Simone Peter / Pixelio

Sometimes it happens in relationships that the partners suddenly developed an egoist and does not take more consideration. If you are affected, you should look for the call before the relationship breaks it.

He pays no attention - the right call situation

Wait for a quiet moment to make your partner aware of the lack of consideration. Take for pronunciation right time.

  • If you have children, they should not be there.
  • Even otherwise, no third party should be there - you will be able to speak quietly when you are only two.
  • Select for clarifying conversation also a moment in which you are not upset emotionally. So you can stay quiet.
  • Also, make sure that their partner is not exactly full of stressed or irritated.
  • In individual cases, it helps to announce the call before. Tell your partner, for example, in the morning, that you want to talk to him in the evening. So do not take him by surprise.

To represent your point correctly

If you feel that your partner has no respect for you, it does not help to make him wild accusations.

  • Insert instead some sample situations cope, you describe him.
  • Ask your partner to the description of these situations, to put themselves in your shoes. This thought experiment often works wonders.
  • Ask your partner also whether he has concerns or problems that cause him to this behavior.
  • Be sensitive, because you do not want to even put him on the same level.
  • To keep him the urgency of your problem in mind, you can tell him also that you will not join his behavior forever - so he understands that he has to change something.

After clarifying conversation, enter your partner time to process everything. Now pay attention well to see if it takes more consideration for you and change his behavior. If this is not the case, you should think about whether the relationship still makes sense for you.

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