Headache in the pill break - you can do about it

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Headache in the pill break - you can do about it

The pill break can trigger headaches.

If you always suffer in the pill break from headaches, it may be because your body has a problem with the falling hormone dose. Some women respond very sensitively here.

To treat the headaches

  • Go much to fresh air. A quiet walk in the fresh air is relaxing and often the headaches then are gone.
  • Rub yourself eucalyptus oil on the temples. This cools pleasant and the headaches.
  • Treat yourself to rest. If you have a headache, noise and bright light are very unfavorable. Retreat to a quiet darkened room back and take a rest.
  • A warm bath also works very relaxing. With bath additives such as lavender or rosemary you can relax.

prevent headaches in the pill break

If you tend due to the hormones cause headaches in the pill break, you should talk to your gynecologist.

  • A switch to a different pill could solve the problem.
  • Maybe it's for you even better when you take the pill easily without a break. You probably should necessarily only discuss with your gynecologist!
  • To drink a lot, especially in the pill break and eat regularly try. So headaches can be prevented, at least if you are among the people who Eating and Drinking forget the stress once.
  • Make straight in the seven days for adequate sleep and rest as possible.

Headache in the pill break are not beautiful and you probably already see with fear the next break counter. Ensure that you discuss with your gynecologist about it.

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