Hearts online - how it works

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Hearts online - how it works

Hearts is available as online game.

The Rules of Hearts

  • The well-known card game Hearts is played by fairly simple rules and can be learned very quickly. For a round of four players and 52 cards are required. The cards are shuffled at length and each player then receives a total of 13 cards. Each player must then select three of his playing cards and replace them with a teammate.
  • The player who has the cross-two cards in hand, opened the round and places the card it open in the middle. The Player left neighbor must now discard the card and should use a cross-map to. Once all players have placed a card game, the player gets the batch that has thrown the highest card. After the game, then all the points are added together. A queen of spades is worth 13 points and any heart card is worth one point.

To play the card game online

  • You can also Hearts play online because the popular card game is available on numerous websites. Registration is not needed for most pages. Search best with Google for suitable sites or play the card game for example Bigspiele online.
  • You can play the card game Hearts through any Internet browser and should also have installed the latest version of Flash on your computer. Use the Microsoft Internet Explorer, so you can play on the Internet the card game Hearts directly at MSN. Internet games are played constantly with the mouse and the operation is also extremely simple.