heat Grundofen correctly

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heat Grundofen correctly

In Grundofen you heat with coals.

Specificity of a basic furnace

  • A basic furnace consists only of a combustion chamber, there is neither rust nor an ash pan. You will only be satisfied with these ovens when heating them properly.
  • These ovens you normally ignite only once a day. After firing up the wood from burning slowly and steadily. The reason is that the glow is in ashes. The jammed in the oven heat ensures that the carbon is burned in the wood completely.
  • In these furnaces, it is not advisable to permanently remove the ash. Leave this as long as possible in the oven, then holds these heat better.

To heat the oven to properly

  • Layers on the combustion chamber round thick logs. Only in the middle remains clear a space of about the size of a shoebox.
  • On the ground crumpled newspaper and wood chips. Build it a "tent" of twigs and thin firewood logs. These logs are nearly perpendicular and are supported at the tips. Then they would be correct.
  • Now ignite on the newsprint. This ignites the brushwood and the thin pieces of wood. The thick logs are already heated. So they start faster fire.
  • Keep open during the heating phase, the door, the throttle and the ignition valve. After firing up only the ignition valve closes.
  • As long as the fire burns, the throttle valve must be open and the door of the combustion chamber may only be ajar. Just as the fire has enough oxygen.
  • With most furnaces, you have two or reloading three times to allow the oven for 24 hours keeps the heat. Unpack basically always several logs at once in the oven. Usually it is enough if the fire is really strong in the oven for 2 hours a day.
  • If no flames are visible, close the door and the throttle. To keep the heat in the glow, the remaining carbon is burned.

Please note that you must burn with grill lighters or other accelerants a Grundofen never. Lighter from peat must they use. Preheat only with dry wood, do not enter treated wood or chipboard in the oven.

This is important in cold ovens

If the basic stove is new or at the beginning of the heating season, you must be careful. The furnace contains a lot of moisture, do not heat up as described immediately him.

  1. Burn initially crumpled newspaper. Through this brief, fierce fire, the heat is absorbed quickly into the chimney. So this is preheated slightly and has a better train.
  2. Populate then the furnace as described, but give only about 3 kg of wood in the stove. Burn this amount with the door open completely.
  3. Repeat the process daily with increasing amount of wood. After 10 days, you can heat normally.
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