Heater for buffer tank for heating support

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Heater for buffer tank for heating support

A heating element in the buffer memory saves fuel.

Heater and storage tank - is that even possible?

As operators of a wood heating you will ask sure at first what is a heating element at all in the buffer memory. Now, the general object of your cache in your heating system you normally well known.

  • The buffer memory designed to ensure effective burn your heater material, ie in the case of a wood heating usually wood. As wood burns at different stages, the buffer memory capable of in the periods in which the heating can not remove all the energy to store heat and then release it again.
  • Moreover, in most wood heating is the buffer to emit heat to the hot water system.
  • A heating element in turn serves, in the case of the buffer memory so to heat the surrounding medium him the water. Since your memory is so heated by the wood heater, a heating element is superfluous at first glance.
  • As wood heater you certainly made already their experiences with the heating in summer. Actually, it's warm or hot enough not to have to heat. The temperature and air pressure provide not uncommon for the summer, the wood heating a bad train.
  • Because it would not only convenient but both wood and time savings when the warm water would be heated by a heater in the summer.

The selection of the heating for your buffers

When in doubt, it is helpful as with all other building services equipment as well as in selecting the correct heating rod, to seek advice in advance by an expert.

  • Especially with a wood heater you should be sure that the demand of you skilled is familiar with wood heating. Experience has shown that not every heating specialist familiar with the peculiarities of wood heating with buffer.
  • Think about exactly what you want to produce with the use of the heating rod.
  • Primarily, you should make sure that the heating power of the heating element sufficient to fully heat the buffer memory without need for the whole day. Otherwise, the energy consumption could be too high.
  • Compare necessarily heating rods of various providers based on your performance and the required energy. There is immense differences.
  • It is very important that you opt for a heating rod, the same has the correct thread. Otherwise go with the required additional parts cost too much in the air.
  • Keep in mind that sometimes water must be drained from the heating system to install the heater. For this reason it is not advisable to carry out this measure, in the winter.
  • Rethink the future energy consumption of the heating and calculate by which costs are to be expected in return. Compare with the benefits that you gain from the usage of the heating rod in the buffer these costs. These benefits can not be expressed exactly in money. Because once would be the time saving, saving wood and expenses for heating. The saving of the wood can be converted into money and comparing the expected energy costs. The remaining savings you can post "luxury" only under the heading. This means you have to weigh very carefully in advance how much you are the advantages of the heating value.
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