Heating costs for living space - Informative

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Heating costs for living space - Informative

Heating costs can be high.

Who sparingly deals with heat and hot water, which can thus generally also protect your wallet. However, anyone who lives in a building that needs it like may be that the owner makes the heating bill purely to the living space.

Heating Costs Ordinance regulates the heating bill

  • For most apartments the heating regulation sets the rules for the heating bill. Because gem. § 2 of the Heating Costs Ordinance (Heizkostenverordnung; HeizkostenV) the provisions contained therein quite commercial arrangements not proceed only if there is only two apartments in one house, the landlord a self inhabited by them.
  • Otherwise, at least 50 percent must be settled based on consumption of the cost of operating a central heating or a central hot water supply system; the upper limit for the consumption-based billing is 70 percent. The rest of the costs will be distributed after each habitation. See § 7 para. 1 and § 8 para. 2 Heizkostenverordnung; HeizkostenV.
  • such heat cost allocators or heat meters and hot water meters - - § be equipped, s 5, paragraph 1 Heizkostenverordnung; HeizkostenV Thus the consumption-based billing is possible that apartments with appropriate devices for metering must... For example, if in a large residential complex, yet all the flats equipped with the same instruments, then so-called user groups are formed in the consumption calculation, the apartments are equally equipped.

Billing by Surface in the building

  • As the owner of a building who himself lives in the house, the heating and hot water costs can settle by Surface, a new tenant should also pay attention to the availability of the apartment. For example, if the living space of the apartments comparable, but living a single tenant with a six-member family in the same house owner, the tenant may be charged with much higher costs than would correspond to its actual consumption.
  • In such a case, it is therefore advisable to get the owner if possible to a settlement method that takes into account the number of persons per apartment and not only the living space. Also, such a variant is easier for the owner usually to handle than an accurate detection of consumption.

The heating bill is directed generally to the heating regulation. Only in exceptional cases different agreements can be made of it.

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