Heating reading - digital so it goes

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Heating reading - digital so it goes

Digital reading - this is the future.

Thermostats - exchange old for new

  • Do you also feel your heating bill is too high? This may be due to your thermostat. Are these outdated, they may be the cause of a waste of energy.
  • You should replace your old thermostat to programmable thermostats. These are not expensive, and they can help you save energy and money.
  • If you live in a rented apartment, you can take them when moving to another apartment.
  • With radio thermostats can precisely adjust your room temperature individually for each day and each room.
  • Another important aspect for you is of course that you can digitally read the heater.

Heating reading digital - as simple as that

  • In your electronic thermostat a date for the reading of the heating is programmed. You can set monthly, semi-annually or annually.
  • The data will be stored in your heat cost allocators until next readout day.
  • Now Comes the Heizungsableser to visit you, you no longer have to be at home because he does not have to enter your apartment to read the heater.
  • He may use your information digitally receive and store on his portable PC.
  • Your data is stored in a billing system and can always be read out via the Internet or GSM by the competent inspection service.
  • When you submit your data no longer Zahlendreher can happen and digital it goes fast and without paper.
  • You even can digitally read at any time the consumption of your heating easily and know exactly how much heating you have already used.

Position your heater on digital reading to.

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