Heatmap of cats - Find out more

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Heatmap of cats - Find out more

The Heatmap of cats is particularly large in the country.

Differences of area size of cats

As the holder of a Freigängers you might assume that your cat away on their excursions far from home. However, this is not usually the case. Because of the range of motion of cats is not very big. Even if they can not be all day or night overlook, they often remain in your neighborhood. They are, for example, in foreign gardens the neighborhood or in the fields and gardens of the nearby area go.

  • How to handle the wild relatives of today's domestic cats, it is also common in these animals that they mark out a territory. This they consider to be their territory, in which other cats tolerated at best.
  • How big is the range of motion of a cat is actually depends primarily on self-defined territory. A hangover is a larger territory to call his own, as a cat. The reason is that hangovers are always looking for pairing willing females. Through a larger area, they can make these Bitches better locate.
  • If a cat neutered, then its own territory is not usually chosen large. In later castration the territory can reduce later. Because then decreases the interest of finding the females around.

Heatmap depends on the area and the food supply

Are you a cat ran away, then you are advised by many experts to scan everything within a radius of 500 meters. Because in this area to keep most cats, which they often do not stray far.

  • However, the area of ​​your cat can be much larger. The size depends not only on the animal, but also on the environment. In rural areas, cats often have a much greater range of motion than is the case with animals in the city. In cities, the animals have to share their territory with each other, but they go to yet out of the way.
  • The cats can go up even in confined spaces out of the way is possible, as they create their own road network within their territory. Thus it is not surprising if you observe your pet frequently here as regularly takes the same path through the gardens.
  • Castrated animals ranges in the city often from an area size 300-1100 square meters. In uncastrated males the coalfield can be greater with 1,500 to 2,000 square meters. About significantly larger areas have many farm cats. For with you is the area may extend over an area of ​​60,000 square meters ever.

Castration and a reliable source of food you can use the area of ​​the free-roaming limit. Would you like to use the animals for example to control mice on the farm, you should always ensure sufficient food. For by the animals stay close and go there their hunting instinct to.

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