Heck irrigation - so it goes with system

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Heck irrigation - so it goes with system

Irrigate your hedges with system.

Provide a strong green in your garden.

Heck irrigation system

Irrigate plants targeted in your garden.

  • While most hedges are quite robust - and "survive" even once a few days without irrigation - but, especially on hot, dry summer days, a regular watering is recommended.
  • Watering a garden can - depending on the size and shade - be very labor intensive. To save on the rear irrigation time and water, irrigation systems offer.

These options are available

The easiest and least expensive alternative is, of course, the well-tried pouring a jug. For irrigation of larger areas this method is suitable but only if you have enough time and "movement happy" are.

  • Normally, however, after a long - and perhaps stressful day - barely feel like it to make an effort. You probably want to enjoy the evening in your garden and not be dedicated to the time-consuming gardening.
  • Especially those of you who are garden demarcated by a fence, but with a hedge should worry about a meaningful system for rear irrigation. Irrigation systems save you a lot of work and publish the way also still the same for water saving in.
  • For watering the hedges to drip tubing you can easily lay under your hedge are. Drip hoses are made of a porous material, the water thus emerges not holes, but from the complete hose. This leads to a uniform irrigation and can save up to 70 percent water.
  • Drip hoses are available - already economically - at the garden center. As with other irrigation systems, it is advisable to provide this system with a timer. Also keep in mind that some plants may not be watered constantly please.
  • Do you want to - in addition to your hedge - also irrigate more greenery in your garden, then you might want to resort to a spray hose. In spray hoses enters the water, unlike the dripping hose, from holes and is so - sprayed in your garden - in a width of about one meter.
  • Again, you save yourself a lot of work - but water you save with this spray system (compared to the drip tubing) rather less, because even during spraying evaporates some of the water in the air. Despite everything a great way to make your garden to keep in front of drying.

Which irrigation system you choose, it depends - as already stated - on the size of the irrigated green space and on the type of plant. If you are unsure which method you qualify for, then you should consult an expert for advice.

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