Hedgehog and cough - what to do?

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Hedgehog and cough - what to do?

A hedgehog can have cough.

If the hedgehog is ill and coughing has, then you have several options on how to help him.

The right accommodation for the sick hedgehog

  • Thus, the hedgehog can recover, the animal must be properly housed and protected from drafts. It is best to take a cardboard box, which you can pad out with an additional layer of cardboard and some paper.
  • Ask then. The box in a room where it is not too hot, nor too cold for the hedgehog Thus, the wild animal to recover well, it should be accommodated quietly and most are in a room that is not used throughout the day.

If the animal coughs

  • If the hedgehog cough or a cold has, then there is good means by which you can help him. In many cases, the cough is caused by lungworms the hedgehog. Then you can get a worming the vet and give the hedgehog the means at home. Alternatively, you can take the hedgehog to the vet and have the animal there.
  • Do not come the cough by a worm infestation, then you allow the calves to a mixture of fennel and chamomile tea and give a bit of honey in this Teegemisch. The honey gives the hedgehog again force and also has antibiotic properties.

reintroduced the hedgehogs back

  • Only when the animal is completely healthy again and no longer needs to cough, you should get used to it again freedom. Follow the Hedgehog once he gets better, and then bring the animal in its carton outside.
  • If the hedgehog alone his way, then you can assume that the animal is healthy again and now get along well without your assistance.

Since the Hedgehog is one of the protected animals, you should never simply take one, but really only intervene when really help is needed.

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