Heel bruise - tips to help

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Heel bruise - tips to help

A heel bruise can be painful. Raffaela / Pixelio

To detect a heel bruise

It happened quickly. They were playing sports and his foot have cheated. Either due to too much stress or they stumbled.

  • The heel bruise you recognize the fact that you often see no injury, but arise after a fall severe pain and only once can hardly walk. Sometimes the foot swells well.
  • It is important to confirm this bruise orthopedist. As a heel bruise is not always visible, it is important that the diagnosis is clear.
  • A heel bruise usually heals completely, sometimes within a few hours.
  • The therapy is individual and the orthopedist depends on the severity of the bruise and whether possibly a bruise is still created.
  • Sometimes it is useful to take a painkiller at the beginning. Your doctor will give you a few tips.

A few tips to treat your feet

Shortly after heel contusion You can also apply a few tips themselves.

  • Put up the distance. Either you have a Cool Pack on hand or lie a cold compress on the feet. Also wrapped ice in a towel to the first pain lindern.Durch the cold draw the blood vessels together. Thus also prevents a bruise may form.
  • Depending on how bad the bruise, will prescribe an ointment for pain relief and / or physiotherapy orthopedic surgeon. By moving the muscles will not soon flaccid and the symptoms can be quite quickly minimized or even cured quickly.
  • Make sure that you only move the foot if you are pain-free. Ask your orthopedist or physical therapy, how often you can move your foot and should.
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