Hexe Lilli - represent Cracklin fictional character as a costume

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Hexe Lilli - represent Cracklin fictional character as a costume

Hexe Lilli has naturally red hair.

Hexe Lilli - find the right clothes

  • If your child would like to go as a witch Lilli, you need first of all the characteristic clothes worn by the little witch on the book cover.
  • A red shirt with a green motif on it is perfect. In an emergency, simply sew a green patch on a monochrome red shirt.
  • This shirt tie a thin brown belt in the hip.
  • About the shirt the Witch of Cracklin wearing a blue vest. You can, for example, simply cut from an old denim jacket sleeves.
  • All you need then a short green pants and colorful striped socks. The latter are easy to get for children.
  • The pants could be a little problem. If you find any green pants, just color white shorts with a fabric dye itself.

Now you have the right clothes for the small Roman witch. But hair and accessories are important.

To succeed in the look of the witch of Cracklin

  • First, the Lilly the Witch of Cracklin has showy red hair. You may make your child by simply spray the hair with colorful carnival hairspray. Caution: The spray should not get into the eyes.
  • Lilli also always wears white and blue beads in your hair. They are available in craft supplies. You can then simply pull on a strand in the rear section and secure it with a hair tie.
  • Then witch Lilli always very red cheeks. This you can simply paint on with red carnival makeup.

Now the look is already finished and your child can make as little witch the carnival parade uncertain.

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