Hibiscus hardy - proper care

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Hibiscus hardy - proper care

Hardy hibiscus is easy to maintain.

Hibiscus - Information about the frost resistant plant

  • The garden hibiscus (Hibiscus Shrub) is one of the hardy hibiscus plants, so do the variety of plants preferred.
  • The main flowering period takes place from August to September, the bloom finally decorated many gardens in white, red or blue.
  • Hardy hibiscus grows only about 10-30 cm per year, although it may serve only in the summer months as a screen.
  • With proper care the plant reaches a height of 150 cm to 180 cm.
  • Short term withstand hardy hibiscus a temperature of minus 20 degrees Celsius.

Hardy, not indestructible - the Hibiscus syriacus

  • When planting time in spring is recommended.
  • Choose preferably a protected, bright and sunny site since young hibiscus despite Hardiness beginning is still very sensitive.
  • Keep the humus-rich, nutrient-rich soil or normal (should be moderately acidic, neutral or alkaline) relatively moist. A drying should be avoided - as well as waterlogging. Too long drying phase can result in blossom case where the hardy hibiscus flowers can easily all his unopened fall.
  • Since the hardy hibiscus should be protected in the first years against frost, so that the plant grows properly, it is advisable, if you cover the ground around the hardy hibiscus around with dense foliage. Alternatively, you can also use the branches of conifers (eg, branches of yew or pine) and protect the plant in this way.
  • Regular mulching saves fertilizing.
  • The cutback in hardy hibiscus should be done in the spring, so that flowering lush fails.
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