Hibiscus & Water - care tips for gardeners

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Hibiscus & Water - care tips for gardeners

By taking care of hibiscus pleased with a rich bloom.

Claims of hibiscus to the site

The also called marshmallow plant belongs to the mallow family and is represented by several hundred species. In addition to the annual herbaceous varieties there are perennial woody shrubs.

  • All hibiscus species require a sunny to partially shaded spot. The garden hibiscus should be in a protected location, as it is not frost-resistant at a young age. The proximity to a heat-retaining wall is advantageous.
  • Few gardeners know that the room hibiscus in summer also like to stay outdoors. The Hibiscus blooms only when it is warm and bright. Bring potted plants only outside when temperatures above 18 degrees prevail.
  • Select for all types a protected from wind and rain course. Water collects in the cup-shaped flowers. You begin to rot and do not fall off.
  • The soil should be slightly acidic to alkaline. The hibiscus does not tolerate waterlogging. Dig sand into the soil when the soil is impermeable. In bucket it needs floral or compost, which you add coarse sand.

Water, heat and fertilizer for plants

On waterlogging of marshmallow sensitive. He tends to diseases and pests. Is it too dry, fall off the flowers or buds.

  • Enter the plant water when the soil is almost dry on the surface. Pour not when it is wet, but do not wait until it is completely dry. On this point, the gardener a lot of tact is needed.
  • In the garden is a gift of compost in the spring is sufficient. Dig him slightly below the root zone. In bucket he needs from March to September weekly liquid fertilizer.
  • Avoid frightening the roots with cold water. Pour or fertilize the evening with water, which was about the day in the watering can.

What must observe gardener while cutting

The hibiscus is growing rapidly and is fast becoming big. He also tends to long unbranched stems, the growth is sparrig and little nice. Nurseries access to chemical agents to stimulate a pot Hibiscus to a bushy dense growth. You must observe the growth to cut the plant properly.

  • Young plants for the garden grow rapidly and unbranched. Cut the young shoots in the first two years every four to six weeks. Grows the shrub is not fast, do not cut. It is chemically slowed.
  • Do not be surprised if a plant which is not greatly increased over the years, suddenly grows. Chemical pesticides degrade themselves. Naturally there are no small species. Without pruning the bushes within a few years a height of several meters. Cut, as soon as growth, as described.
  • Cut to older plants from old branches and shorten the shoots to half its length. For this section is the end of February to early March is the best time.
  • The section causes the plant forms a smaller number of flowers. These are larger and stronger than without cutting. Cut out all three year sharply and in the intervening years only moderately. That is optimal for the flowers.

Propagating the plants

You need to be an experienced gardener to grow a hibiscus. Many varieties produce seed, the young plants are developed without special care. If the offspring of the same color blossom as the mother plant, you multiply by cuttings or Absenkern. The plants form roots quickly.

  • The strong flowering plants form many seeds outdoors. Varieties which are in the garden, sow itself off. The seed germinates quickly, the offshoots grow like weeds. If you want to breed seeds in the room, you have to play with a small brush "bee". The seeds need heat (24 degrees) and moderate moisture to germinate. Too much moisture it rots. Speed ​​up the germination where you scarify the coating of the seeds. The best time for sowing is spring.
  • For cuttings, you need a semi-woody drive 15-20 centimeters in length. You can take a longer drive, obtained during pruning share. Store it for rooting in potting soil that keep them slightly moist. The cuttings should be bright but not sunny.
  • Sinker can be prepared only by shrubs that have branches grow which near the ground. Turn one for ground down and carve it on to the point where it touches the ground. Dig the wound in the earth. Thus, the branch does not break away from the ground, secure the sinker with a wire hanger.

Overwintering plants

The plants do not care at which location they are a winter rest. They require little water and no fertilizer at this time.

  • Cover the roots of young plants in the garden with a thick layer of leaves and pine needles. to protect a hood around the bush, is only appropriate for small shrubs. It is generally unnecessary.
  • Clean up potted plants not too late into the house. Take off the leaves when they are exposed to a large temperature difference. If night is colder outside than 14 degrees, the plants need the house.
  • Ask. The bucket on a warm pad to a bright place where there is no draft The temperatures should be 18-22 degrees. Experience has shown that the plants absorb also significantly cooler locations if you are frugal with water. Pour when the soil feels wet under any circumstances.

Diseases and Pests

If too much moisture, the leaves are soft and vulnerable to pests. Watch the plants carefully to intervene in time. In winter the Roseneibisch as the plant is also known, particularly at risk.

  • At the shoot tips and buds like aphids accumulate. Put ladybug on the hibiscus or spraying with a mixture of soap, alcohol and water. One tablespoon of soap, 100 milliliters of alcohol and one liter of water provide excellent spray.
  • Flapping on small white animals when you come to the plant, you have to deal with the white fly. Hang Yellow panels on or combat the infestation with parasitic wasps.
  • Small brown bumps on the stems and leaf axils are scale insects, woolly nodules on the leaves mealybugs. Wipe the animals with a cotton swab that you have soaked in alcohol, from. Spraying with the aforementioned spray, ladybugs and lacewings are useful aids.
  • In the room of the hibiscus is vulnerable to spider mites. The small insects suck on the underside of leaves and are difficult to detect. Not all types cover the plants with cocoons. Signs of infestation are small yellowish or silvery points to the underside of leaves. In extreme cases, the leaves turn gray. Increase the humidity by spraying with water. The aforementioned spray also helps against the mites. Typically, you need a special remedy against sucking pests.
  • The leaf spot fungus evidenced by brown, irregular spots on the leaves. Remove the discolored leaves immediately. Further measures are not useful.
  • Adhesions to the leaves and malformed veins are a sign that it is the plant to cold. Ask potted plants to a warmer place.
  • Chlorosis, bright yellowish discolored leaves, indicate a nutrient deficiency. Enter iron fertilizer. Sometimes, to make the Hibiscus lighter uses.
  • Partly yellow spots indicate a virus. Cut off the affected drives. The disease is contagious. Therefore an infected plant from other should be separated.

Who moderately pours his hibiscus, it provides a warm bright place, will be rewarded with a rich bloom. The exotic car needs attention in order to detect an infestation quickly and a regular section.

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