High school after class 9 - Job opportunities

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High school after class 9 - Job opportunities

Despite High to dream job

Despite high school to a recognized occupation

  • Due to the continuously declining birth rate there for some time more training than graduates. A variety of companies therefore revise its requirements for prospective trainees.
  • So it is quite possible that you, with a secondary school after grade 9 have opportunities in areas where otherwise a high-school diploma was required at once. Training to / for automotive mechatronics / in or / to Einzelhandelskaufmann / woman are just two of many examples.
  • Generally, there are professions that have a high-school diploma is not mandatory. Thus the occupations of the tailor / in, retailers / or in machine and plant operator / in a high school class after admission requirements appropriate. 9

start after class 9 with a school education

  • In the event that you or your child have received a high school after class 9 no teaching an education is the best alternative. The financial statements are recognized by the state and are suitable as a basis for further training ideal.
  • Such courses are offered by so-called vocational schools or vocational colleges and are usually charged. In most cases, however, the possibility to apply for BAföG.
  • Vocational training courses are offered in many different directions. In the commercial area you have for example the possibility to train to / for Economic Assistant / or in foreign trade assistant / in.
  • For computer enthusiasts with a high school after class 9, provides an education for / to computer science assistant / in or / for assistant / in Industrial Automation and computer technology.
  • Are you creative? Then perhaps a training / about design Technical Assistant / in the right place for you.

A major final conclusion does not automatically mean the end of a not even begun career. Good grades, a marked willingness to learn and reliability open up still some possibilities.

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