High school or junior high school? - A few decision support

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High school or junior high school?  - A few decision support

challenge and encourage children

Previously, it was easier. The primary school teacher was in the witness of the fourth grade of elementary school a recommendation which secondary school to visit the child. Misperceptions and parental criticism of the judgment of the teacher belonged to the school day. Since there is no longer such recommendations or are not binding, you are as a parent with your child face a difficult decision.

With the zeitgeist to high school

  • Get rid of the first oriented at Zeitgeist idea, every child must attend the school and make sure high school. It seems the impression prevail, without school there would be no professional future. Too often, the child is thereby disregarded.
  • Free yourself embossed social standing of the notion that a visit to a secondary school must be assessed on a social level lowered and only a high school student.
  • The starting point must be the intellectual abilities of your child. These have in the Elementary School discloses at least to some extent. Try to recognize for what your child is interested and willing to get involved.

School dropouts are demotivated

  • Try to be objective. It is fatal if you transfer your desires to your child. It is useless if you wish, your child may be doctor or a lawyer and should therefore sure to visit the school and to finish school. Have the children namely difficulties to deal with theoretical learning content, they will torment for many years and too often fail.
  • Keep in mind that the learning content is influenced very theoretical usually at the high school, while having at the Realschule a certain practical orientation.
  • to Tut your child hard with the memorization of texts or learning content, it will get on the school problems. Even if it survives the first years some extent, you run the risk that it might be with the increase in complexity of the subject matter from about the seventh or eighth class fails in school and has to leave the school. The psychological effect affects the psyche of the child with probability bordering on certainty very detrimental. It leaves the school with the feeling that it has failed and needs a fresh start in another school or even in a teaching start with the feeling of defeat.
  • So if you are trying to decide whether the school or junior high school is the right way, do not overwhelm your child. Report it to the school only if you can be sure that it will go this way to the end. Keep in mind that the dropout rate at the high school is relatively high.

Realschule as a safe start in life

  • Do you have doubts about whether your child survived high school, be sure to prefer the junior high school. Where it your child as in this direction capable of development, it can change from Realschule still on the high school and finish school. The legislator has finally opened this very reason, the access of schools to each other and just want to ask children and promote, develop after initial teething problems so that they can also be found on the school a future.
  • Keep in mind that the average maturity of a junior high school is an absolutely honorable degree which opens the way to many professions. Does your child woodworking skills, you should promote it necessarily in that direction. Do not push it to take a theoretically assessed occupation. Any other profession is as honest as the one who requires high school and university. Without these professions our society could not exist after all.
  • Forget the populism of many politicians, to encourage parents to send their child in any case to the high school. It makes no sense to force all people to lockstep. People have different abilities and talents that it is necessary to use it properly. Make to the course for your child as a parent.
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