High school - so get ready for the final examination

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High school - so get ready for the final examination

A good school is important.

What is the average maturity?

  • The term of the average maturity only citizens from Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg can imagine anything. In other states it is called from the high-school diploma or the middle school, although always the same is meant.
  • The average maturity is stored at the end of the tenth grade in high school. Moreover, this is possible in many other schools. For example, you can reach your middle maturity in M-train secondary school or at a business college. This occurs even if you complete the 10th grade at the high school successfully.

To work preparing

  1. First, you should know that you have to make with respect to the final exams for middle maturity not worry if you have over the years worked well in all subjects, and made an effort. If you have problems for years in various subjects, be sure to start on time, compensate by tutoring the shortcomings in the subjects. Otherwise you can be fatal in the exam.
  2. You should first with the materials you get from the teachers in the examination subjects, prepare. If you are relatively safe in the fabric, you can proceed to the old examination papers, which are summarized in special books with solutions. To quickly see if you are already at the right level for the testing of the average maturity or not and get exercise for the object types of the audit.
  3. Learn first alone absolutely according to plan and later in groups, as this achieves greater success. In a study plan, you specify on which day you take care of the subjects. Your weak subjects should be taken into account more often. Learn with friends who are stronger in the respective compartments, so you get pulled in, are more motivated and achieve higher performance.
  4. Finally, the learning phase - at least four weeks before the final exams - you have to start intensive to prepare. Ask for your hobbies back and pay attention to rest periods between learning. You should definitely also take learning opportunities on the part of teachers. The day before the test you should hold the books but closed in order not to become unnecessarily nervous.

Specific indications for learning

  • the subjects in which you have to take the middle maturity differ depending on the branch. The written test is always done in English, maths and German. You'll also verbally tested in English. Another test results from your electives. On the linguistic branch is, for example, an oral exam in French.
  • The oral examinations in the languages ​​run - depending on the state - something different from. In the first part of which you can prepare in the normal case. You must tell us something about yourself and your person here. In the second part you drag a topic about which you need to talk. Prepare yourself for this in the group before. Be. Current issues on cards and drag concealed this in order then to talk about the team
  • You can also vocabulary on specific topics to learn that your teachers encourage you and something to go out on the topics covered in the classroom. Different vocabulary books with words in context can help you.
  • For the German language test to prepare you easily. You should be able to the various types of text, such as the satire or the short story recognize, linguistic means to know by heart a standardized introduction memorize, you can apply to any text. So you will be nervous on the safe side. Maybe your teacher is even willing to check voluntary essays from you.
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