"Hoisting is healthier than blowing your nose?" - That should note the

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"Hoisting is healthier than blowing your nose?"  - That should note the

Hoisting of mucus is healthy but not beautiful.

Healthier than the nose-blowing is hoisting

Experts advise not to overdo the nose-blowing. It can cause more damage. Why is the raising healthier than the blowing your nose?

  • This is due to the internal pressure in the nose. If you brush your nose, the internal pressure is ten times higher than if you sneeze.
  • The more you do this, viruses can get into the sinuses. Then inflammation is almost inevitable.
  • Therefore, you should try, even if more than ugly and unmannerly, the mucus, which is located in the nose pull up.
  • The nose filters the air. Characterized it is cleaned of foreign objects. Likewise, the nose is humidified and warmed it. 24 degrees Celsius are mounted for the body.
  • It is interesting that alternate both nasal halves. If one nostril is working hard, the other half saves. You will not notice this overdrive. You find it on only when you have a cold. Most then is blocked only one side of the nose.

Hoisting is therefore healthier than blowing your nose.

How to proceed with coryza

During the cold, and especially if you have a cold, you sneeze also increased. Once namely frolicking invaders like viruses in it, the body wants to get rid of them as quickly as possible. And it works through sneezing.

  • Did you know that the air flow when sneezing around 150 km / h are fast? This is a fairly large intensity.
  • Experts advise in any case, pull up the mucus in the nose. If it is all very uncomfortable, find a private place. If all else fails, you schnäuzen itself.
  • If you brush your nose, you should note, once zuzuhalten one nostril. then snort gently out of the other nostril the mucus out. Then switch to the other nostril.

Men nervous like even if they permanently pull the mucus in the nose. You does not really care whether anyone hears. This need not be secure. Since the pulling is healthier than the nose-blowing, looking at best a quiet place.

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