Holder query over the number plate - how it works in Switzerland

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Holder query over the number plate - how it works in Switzerland

Holder query in Germany is not easy. Klaus-Uwe Gerhardt / Pixelio

To make a query holders in Switzerland

  • First you have to remember the license plate exactly. For this purpose, you should write it down. It is very difficult to remember letters and numbers over a long period. Note that the license plate in Switzerland's Control Label. The term license plate, however, is used in Germany.
  • You should note that there are several ways to provide the holder query. You can use the online query. This is very simple and is very fast. Note, however, that you can determine the holder only in certain cantons online.
  • You can perform the holder report via a Accountants.
  • In Switzerland can be purchased with a list of all used license plates every year a book. However, you must pay for this book for a small fee.

Find out more about the Holder inquiry in Germany

  • In Germany you must also first the license plate remember easily or note it so you can carry the holder query later.
  • Now need your passport and must submit an informal, written application to perform the holder query.
  • To perform in Germany, the holders query based on the license plate, you need a legitimate interest in the data publication. This is the case, after a hit and run or if your driveway is overpopulated and have the vehicle towed.
  • Now make the application to the holder query and then have a personal interview.
  • It charges amounting to 5,10 € will be charged in this case.

Good luck with the holder query!

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