HOLESAW use it properly - how it works

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HOLESAW use it properly - how it works

Hole saws are useful tools.

A commercially available drill bits extend much beyond up to a size of 13 mm. If you ever larger holes, such as for the implementation of pipes, need, hole saws are particularly well suited. These are usually offered in sets with different diameters.

To work with holesaws

  1. Hole saws consist of a basic body in which you can fix saw blades with different diameters. In the center there is a receptacle for the centering.
  2. First, fix then the center drill. This is locked in most models with an Allen screw. Then clamp the saw blade, which has the required diameter, into the body.
  3. The saw blade is set into the corresponding groove and fixed with a short right turn. but you should definitely check the tightness.
  4. Then clamp the hole saw in the chuck of a drill. The speed depends on the diameter of the saw and the hardness of the material. Hole saws for metal are generally at lower speeds operated as hole saws for wood.
  5. Before machining a workpiece, you should fix it with screw clamps to a workbench. Then draw the location of the planned hole. At exactly this position you put on the Fixierbohrer.
  6. When sawing, you must hold the machine vertically and exert a slight pressure on the saw. For hole saws for metal, you should also use a coolant, so that the blade does not overheat. Is the blade once overheated, you can no longer use it.

When working with hole saws, whether for wood or metal, are very many chips swirled. Therefore, you should wear eye protection.

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