Holiday pay for maternity leave - Find out more

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Holiday pay for maternity leave - Find out more

Maternity protection is grandfathered.

Are you pregnant, your employer must observe bans on employment and maternity protection periods. This ban only the actual employment, so rest your work obligation and the payment obligation of the employer in these times. The stock of your employment remains unaffected.

In maternity resting your work duty

  • The Maternity Protection Act has among other objectives, will secure the arising from your occupation standard of living. During the absences, you are getting away your net salary. The employer may not make any cuts.
  • Would the employer salary or any bonuses cut, this would run counter to the sense of maternity law. Ultimately, one or the other woman would deterred to get pregnant.

Holiday pay is coupled to the holiday

  • Accordingly, you are entitled to your holiday money in maternity. But it is important that you are actually able to begin your annual leave in the course of the calendar year, but no later than in the transmission period to 31 March of the following year. Holiday pay, you usually get only when you take a vacation.
  • Are you on maternity leave, and your holiday is retained. Holiday Namely Relaxation and assists in regeneration of the work done. Maternity protection will safeguard your pregnancy, but not the rest.
  • Even the relaxing holiday is not connected with the fact that you actually work, but only because the employment relationship. Even if you can work in a short period, you still entitled to your full annual leave.
  • Note that your leave entitlement and therefore the entitlement to holiday pay before March 31 of the following year expires, even if you can not take the leave due to maternity leave. Your vacation is then not paid.
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