Holidays by Krankenschein - Notes

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Holidays by Krankenschein - Notes

Holiday increases the recovery effect.

Sick is sick and vacation is recovery time. Are you in sickness certificate, it comes to cure the disease and restore your health. The purpose of the holiday, however give a different direction.

In sickness certificate is not about your recovery

  • Vacation is not only leisure but also relaxing holiday. They are to recover from the stresses of everyday working life and regenerate your work force. Are you in the medical card, a recovery within the meaning of the holiday is not possible. Conversely, that the holiday purpose is nullified if you fall ill on holiday.
  • Falling ill during the holiday, the verified by medical certificate of disability times will not count towards your annual leave. It says in § 9 BUrlG. With the medical card changes the exemption character. Falling ill you before the holiday, the holiday must be re-established in this case.

Unauthorised vacation justified dismissal

  • In this sense, to decide if you apply directly VACATION Krankenschein. Then you have indeed recovered, but you can use the normal recovery holiday. However, you must not go arbitrarily following the medical card in the holiday. Your vacation must be approved by the employer. Any unauthorized self leave entitles the employer to timely or in serious cases even to immediate termination of your employment.
  • Of course you can already apply for leave in sickness certificate. If he approved by the employer, you can go right after a holiday. You should be aware that you have organizational processes may upset or hindered in sickness certificate in your company and an adjoining holiday ad may affect the situation even though. If you expect your employees consideration your personal circumstances, you should exercise with regard to the situation of the employer consideration.
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