Home network set up under XP - how it works

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Home network set up under XP - how it works

Local computer you can easily connect.

The Network Setup Wizard helps you set up a home network

  1. Boot normally your computer with the Windows XP operating system. Click in the taskbar of Windows XP the bottom left of the "Start" button.
  2. In the pull-down window is shown in the left column, the most recently used programs. The right column is divided into three areas. In the top box, see the own folder, My Computer and My Network Places. The middle panel gives you access to the Control Panel, the program access and program standards, and click Printers and Faxes. Above, you see the help search for your computer and go to "Run." Would you like to set up a home network in Windows XP, click the middle box on "My Network Places".
  3. This will open the "My Network Places" window. In the upper left box, see "Network Tasks" as a third point "Small home or office network". Select this item by a click of the mouse.
  4. Now start the Network Setup Wizard. In the first window he has briefly point out what you can do when you set up a home network in Windows XP. Click on Continue".
  5. In the following window you will see a Checklist for creating a network. Click again on "Next".
  6. In the next window you have to select a method by which your computer connects to the Internet. Select the appropriate way for you and confirm by clicking on "Next".
  7. Now you can enter a computer description and computer name. The computer description is not absolutely necessary if you assign unique computer name to all computers on the home network. Once you have clearly identified the computer, you can proceed with setting up your home network in Windows XP.
  8. Now enter your home network workgroup name. It is important that all computers in the home network that you set up, receive the same workgroup name, otherwise the computers on the home network later do not recognize each other.
  9. You can then determine whether the printer or data to be shared within the network. Only so data can be exchanged among the computers or use the shared printer.
  10. Now, the window displays a summary of the settings you entered. By clicking "Next" starts your PC to set up your home network.

Connect the device of the home network from

Thus, you have almost finished setting up your home network in Windows XP. You need to perform only on all other computers in your home network this wizard now.

  1. These Windows XP offers you to create or use an existing disk, a network installation disk.
  2. In the last window you must now "Finish" only to click.
  3. Your computer's tried to point out that your new home network requires a reboot. Perform a reboot of Windows XP and you have set up a home network to your Windows XP-based computer.
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