Horizontal addition - this is how the bill

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Horizontal addition - this is how the bill

Soon you will no longer cost calculator.

Applications of the horizontal addition

Who has just a calculator at hand and is facing a relatively simple addition, can use the horizontal summation here.

  • Under relatively easy addition of, at best, only counts two numbers that go up into the thousands.
  • Although it is also possible to add more or larger numbers, however, you come here often confused and the ability to miscalculate, increases with the size and the number significantly.

How the horizontal summation

Take some time at first and watch out that you are not distracted. Distracting factors may be such. As music, current televisions or runny food processors.

  1. Look at the numbers that you want to add. The easiest way is of course with single-digit numbers, although it will not be a problem to add more numbers.
  2. Now proceed similarly as in the addition, when you write to each other the numbers. However, the most happening here in your head, not on paper.
  3. Explore first the last digit of the number of (the ones), and add them together. The case come out value is either pinned or written paper in the simpler case of a sheet.
  4. Any exceeding of this number over the tens, write down the value without the tens and remember in thought a one. At 13 z. B. Write to the 3 and remember 1.
  5. Now go to the other digits (tens, hundreds, etc.) before the same. However, you have to make sure that, if you have a 1 noticed an addition of two still in thoughts.
  6. If you have the horizontal summation performed up to the last digit and even should there a 1 Remember, this is written just before the number.
  7. An example of the horizontal summation would be 168 + 247th If you now start back arises for 7 + 8 the number 15. So remember 1 and write the 5 in. For the addition of 6 and 4 results in 10. However, have you even noticed 1, ie 11th
  8. That means you write the 1 on and memorize turn 1. Recently you have then 2 + 1, which results in. 3 Now you are still added the saved 1 and you get 4. The results for the horizontal summation so is 415th
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