Hot Rod buy - so succeeds's

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Hot Rod buy - so succeeds's

Buying a Hot Rods will be carefully considered.

Who wants to buy a hot rod, takes a lot of patience and usually also money. Before buying should be considered whether there should be a ready hot rod or whether their hand is to be created.

Notes if you want to buy a hot rod

  • Before you start looking for a Hot Rod, think about whether you up the car yourself or want to renovate, or if you want an already converted vehicle.
  • In an already finished built model be sure that he already had an authorization in Germany. Since the provisions for approval are very strict, it can otherwise result in major problems. The vehicle should have already become a German TÜV, then you can be sure that it corresponds to the Highway Code.
  • For vehicles coming from America and who have never had a German TÜV acceptance, you run the risk that you have to rebuild a lot of what would be very costly. In America, for example, you can take almost any vehicle on the roads. It interesting to virtually anyone, whether or not it corresponds even certain safety regulations. In Germany it would be enough if the exhaust outside the norm to get admission for the vehicle.
  • If you want the Hot Rod remodel or build itself, you need space, a garage or barn, where you can leave and edit the vehicle.
  • Also think about whether you know a professional who can give you a hand if necessary. Although you can rebuild the car alone, but a professional who tells you how the vehicle has to be, so it will also be accepted by TÜV, no harm in such a case. Unless you are working even at TÜV and know each other very closely with the provisions of.
  • You also need a lot of tools and parts. Search So before buying the Hot Rods already suppliers, through which you can get all the parts.
  • Of course, the money also plays a major role. If you purchase an already finished vehicle, you have only the purchase price of about 5,000 to 20,000 euros, with a vehicle that you assemble yourself, the price doubled mostly just the parts are difficult to obtain and therefore expensive.
  • If you need a supplier for all components, you are on the "Ed's Rod Shop" page right. Here you will find everything you need for renovation and construction.
  • If you want to buy a hot rod, look into the automotive displays various tuning magazines or on the internet on the car market sites like
  • The state of the vehicle should depend on your own needs here. Of course you can also purchase a very broken vehicle; but in order to do even to a Geefallen, you should make sure that at least the body is in good condition. Straight Body parts are often difficult to obtain and are also expensive. The interior itself may confidently be in poor condition, because parts such as seats and steering wheels, you get simple and are not that expensive.
  • On the Red Line Vintage page you will get all kinds of information for the purchase of hot rods. This can help you decide.
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