Hotel for rent at 18 - Information on the legal situation

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Hotel for rent at 18 - Information on the legal situation

Are you under 18, you can only book a room at the hotel for rent, if your parents agree.

To rent in the hotel room, if you are under 18

  • Are you under 18 years old, as are the contracts that you conclude, basically provisionally invalid, because you are still limited legal capacity.
  • You need the consent of your parents. You can in the chosen hotel to rent a room if you book it in advance.
  • Let then issue from your parents a consent form. Here should drinstehen how long you can take a room and how expensive it can be total. It is important that your parents both sign the consent form.
  • Then send the consent form to the operator. Then wait, until it be confirmed the reservation in writing.
  • Then take with the written consent to the check-in. You can submit this form again at the reception and there will be no difficulty.

consider legal aspects for accommodation contract

  • Note that persons may not enter into an effective accommodation contract under 18 years.
  • They may then conclude only legal transactions that are beneficial for them or they can deny with their pocket money. Accommodation contracts generally do not fall under the pocket money paragraph.
  • These agreements, which aim to rent a room in a hotel, are so long provisionally invalid until you can show the approval of their parents. Are your parents on the other hand, so does not constitute a valid contract. This will prevent many hoteliers them to let you check in, without having the consent of your parents.
  • This is because minors are only limited legal capacity and therefore enjoy the special protection of the law.
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