How are head lice? - To prevent this from happening

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How are head lice?  - To prevent this from happening

When head lice shampoo willow bark helps. S._Hofschlaeger / Pixelio

As head lice occur

  • Even in ancient Egypt there were head lice that have felt in the hair. So even today still.
  • Head lice do not jump and can not swim well. Hold tight on the scalp and the nits stick firmly to the hair. Per day the female lays up to ten eggs.
  • Head lice are formed from the Nissen and occur both in short as well as long hair. Only when the hairs are shorter than two centimeters long, the little beasts can not stay there.
  • Head lice are spread by close physical contact, simultaneous Using any caps and headbands, sleeping on the same pillow and cuddle with the same soft toys.
  • Does anyone head lice and leans on the car on the headrest, so it may be that the next person who sits down on the same seat, get the lice.

Tips to prevent head lice

  • You can not compete with the "emergence" do head lice, but you can do something, so they do not feel comfortable in your own hair.
  • If you know that head lice are back in circulation, wash the hair every day with a shampoo, which you can add two to three drops of essential tea tree oil. This odor may not head lice. You can also buy a daily massage to two drops of the essential Teebaum√∂les into the scalp with your fingertips. This also keeps the pests.
  • Obtain a shampoo containing willow bark extract. This, too, do not like the little beasts. A shampoo with coconut oil is recommended.
  • When rinsing, use water with a splash of apple cider vinegar. Vinegar changes the pH, which prevents the head lice mind to settle down.
  • Cooking up a Walnussbaumsud and rinse your hair with it. Best after each wash. This keeps the beasts.
  • If you know that just happen again head lice in your area, you do not exchange caps and headbands.
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