How are my teeth whiter?

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How are my teeth whiter?

White teeth beautify a smile.

How are my teeth whiter?

Over the years, the teeth become discolored. Especially coffee or tea drinkers and smokers often suffer from a yellow to dark discoloration of the teeth. If you also wonder, therefore, as your teeth are brighter, then you do not need the same to go to the dentist and to lay down a lot of money for chemical processes. For a bright white smile is also possible with funds from nature. These methods are not only natural and so soft and gentle, but also bring else a number of advantages.

1. whiten teeth with xylitol

  • Teeth are brighter by regular rinsing with xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar derived from plant crop, which should also help to decay and many other dental problems. You can download this white powder, which is also suitable as a substitute for sugar (because it tastes nice sweet but has fewer calories), available on the Internet. Simply search times for "Xylitol - the Tooth miracle" or the like.
  • Take daily 3 half teaspoon in his mouth. The powder tastes pleasantly sweet and dissolves within a few seconds in the mouth. Then move the liquid for 3-5 minutes in the mouth back and forth, so that all the interdental spaces can be achieved. Even after the first rinse your teeth will feel smooth. After about 4 to 8 weeks, you can then notice the first successful and again captivate with a bright white smile of your surroundings and you'll never have to ask, "How are my teeth whiter?"

2. whiten teeth with brine

Put on a glass with salt brine. Obtain this quality crystal salt from the health food store or health food store. Simply enter a few stones of salt in a glass and fill it with water. After an hour, you have so quality brine. Again, you do now mouthwashes. Best also three times a day for several minutes. Here not only your teeth are white, but you provide your teeth as well as with all the important minerals.

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