How camen on Facebook? - How the Camera Chat

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How camen on Facebook?  - How the Camera Chat

camen With Friends

activate the application on Facebook

  1. First, log in with your user data on Facebook or create a new account, you should have no.
  2. Click in the chat list, click a contact who is currently online, so to open a chat window.
  3. On the chat window on the small video system at its top right edge. Then, a download starts. Download the software for the cam chat on Facebook and install it.
  4. Restart your browser and re-open the chat window again with an online contact. Click again on the video icon. Now, unless your friend has also installed the software, open a video chat, through which you can camen to the contact.
  5. To end the call, click on the small "X" sign on the right top of the window.

Alternative to camen on Facebook

  1. First, log in with your user data on Facebook or create a new account, you should have no.
  2. Type in the address bar of your browser "" a.
  3. Then click on the button "Get Started". You will now be asked which friend you want to make a video call.
  4. Click on a name from the chat list. Facebook will now open a video chat window and wait for the response of your contact. After the contact has affirmed the request, the video stream is produced.
  5. When you are finished with camen, click the small "X" sign on the right top of the window to end the video chat.
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