How can I be cool? - To keep doing your personality

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How can I be cool?  - To keep doing your personality

Being cool is not defined.

The desire to make a difference, is usually the first step in the right direction. So that you can go the next steps in the right direction, you should keep your goal clear in front eyes.

be and remain cool

  • If you want to be "cool", you should have previously defined exactly what you mean. Because of features like "being cool" there is no fixed definition.
  • For one, you might consider what you understand even the "cool". Perhaps this has to do not only with certain behaviors, but also with a certain style of dress.
  • Maybe you want but also belong to a particular group and would therefore be "cool". Then you would ask when someone can be considered "cool" in the eyes of this group.
  • Particularly in the last version, you should be careful not to place conform to the objectives of the Group and to very place your own personality. Because then you would have to carry out an internal balancing act, which can be very stressful.

The personality can be crucial

  • If you want to be "cool" to be a thing of a certain group, you should previously make a comparison between your own beliefs, behaviors and characteristics and group requirements of the "Cool One".
  • Is it only about wearing "cool" black glasses and also otherwise to dress in a certain way, in order to belong, you are doing well do not need to throw overboard their most profound convictions.
  • But when it comes to also certain behaviors that you should carefully consider how this can be reconciled with your personality.
  • You might then come to the conclusion that you can not fully accept, but must adapt themselves. This may be a better strategy in doubt, not to get into too much internal discord.

What is "cool" or acts, everyone must decide for themselves. Especially a group membership should not be sacrificed your own personality.