How can I delete a virus in quarantine? - That's how it's done

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How can I delete a virus in quarantine?  - That's how it's done

Antivirus to protect your computer effectively.

Clear Most antivirus programs suspicious or infected files not equal completely from the computer, but move them once in the so-called quarantine folder. If you want to get rid of the files completely, but there is a way to remove it completely.

To delete a virus from quarantine

  1. First, you should know that a virus that is in the Quarantine folder, your computer can no longer hurt.
  2. The virus scanner has infected file virtually disabled and rendered harmless, Tune. So in any case, if your virus scanner you propose to move a file to Quarantine
  3. If you open this folder now, you can see the infected files. Files that are infected by viruses can not be save or restore normally. When it comes to files that you did not create itself, but belonging to a program or game, you can often download in an unadulterated version of the Internet.
  4. So select the infected files in the quarantine folder and select the "Delete" option. Your virus scanner will ask you whether you want to remove the file from quarantine. Here, there are often misunderstandings, because many people think the virus would now restored and moved back to the PC. This is not the case. If you click "Yes" or "OK", the infected file is deleted completely from your computer.

The quarantine folder is therefore a good hedge against viruses - offers but at the same time the opportunity again to obtain an overview of the infected files before deleting.

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