How can I download music on my iPhone?

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How can I download music on my iPhone?

Load music on the iPhone makes the Smartphone to the music player.

To charge your iPhone music

  • Once you have the iPhone connected to the USB cable that came with your computer and iTunes have started, select your iPhone in the left sidebar. To sync music with the iPhone, this must also be in iTunes. You can buy music either with their Apple ID at the iTunes Store or import music from CDs or already copy existing audio files in iTunes.
  • The iPhone can be filled via iTunes on different types of music. Most obvious diagnosis suggests most variant is about the "music", after you select your iPhone in the left sidebar of iTunes. Here you have the possibility to load individual artists, albums, genres and user-created playlists on your iPhone. To synchronize only individual pieces with the iPhone, place them in a new playlist in iTunes and then sync that playlist,
  • If you prefer to go a more direct route, there is music and videos to manage manually and loading them onto your iPhone. To do this, on the "General" tab in the iPhone screen and activate the option "Manually manage music and videos". Now you can download music to your iPhone by simply dragging them from your iTunes library music on the iPhone icon on the left sidebar. There is also a small triangle indicating an overview of existing media on the iPhone by one click. You can then use the music list the loaded to your iPhone music again remove.
  • Do not forget after you have chosen your music that you want to load on your iPhone, the button on the bottom right ( "Sync" or "Apply" button, depending on which steps have been performed previously) to click to the music then actually loading them onto your iPhone. All previous steps serve only to prepare for the actual data transmission.
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