"How can I sing better?" - Warm-up exercises for the voice

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"How can I sing better?"  - Warm-up exercises for the voice

Warm-up exercises for a beautiful voice

One of them has it, the other does not - a singing appropriate voice. But before you sing, you can still do a lot himself for letting the voice sound better, with warm-up exercises.

To warm up your voice before singing on

  • To be really easy at the beginning, stretch your body. Get it on tiptoes and stretch your arms about 10 seconds in the air. After the 10 seconds, shivering with his knees and let the arms fall. Then you start to tremble with his whole body. Thereby, the body will be relaxed after expansion.
  • For a loose articulation, so you do not become tangled while singing, the next exercise is. Make after a Pferdeschnauben so upper and lower lip flapping about 30 seconds.
  • You can now start with sums to increase the sound volume. Sing a familiar tune on "mmm"
  • Sing a long "O", omitting the upper body backward and to the side and end swing back to the center. The arms depend down the body.
  • Run by chewing with an open mouth. You speak short syllables, the "au", "a" or "u", that is, "mjum" or "mjaum". These movements often lead to yawn, the mouth is stretched.
  • Vocal sliding improves flexibility and softness of your voice. You begin with a vowel on a medium tone, which is the most natural for you. Then slide your vocal upwards and then downwards. But Glide always on the tone with which you started.
  • Begin again with your natural tone and leave it with the vowel "A" in a harmonious melody glide up and down. Sing several times the same melody until you can perform precisely this repeatedly. Then you change the interval.
  • The most popular warmup is the Up-and down-climbing of scales. by the abundance of the voice and the sound accuracy will be strengthened As with previous exercises.

That you should consider when warming up the voice

  • The warm-up exercises should last about 15 minutes. Half an hour before the performance they need to be completed, so that the voice has enough time to be able to draw from all forces later.
  • Prise during the exercises the hands on her hips. Mostly self-confidence will be automatically improved and thus also increases the singing performance.
  • To improve vocal performances permanently, vocal exercises must be performed regularly.

What else contributes to a better voice

  • Who is too excited, often can not get the most out of his voice. Quick's voice breaks or is tangled with the text. Start with small appearances, in front of family and best friends. A positive response to increases your self-confidence and you have in the next performances less anxiety.
  • Sing before the mirror. If you consider yourself singing, you can also improve facial expressions and gestures. Then you dare with your appearance bolder movements. And who is loose on stage, sings better.
  • Do not be too strict with yourself. It will not happen overnight superstar. Compete not famous singers, but only try to always give your best.

Should you soon have your next appearance before him, do not waste your precious time before going on stage with stage fright, but use them to train your voice. And then the right warm-ups before the show and you can soar to vocal feats.

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