How can I surprise my friend? - Ideas for small favors

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How can I surprise my friend?  - Ideas for small favors

A massage can spoil your friend.

Do you want to surprise your friend, you can do this by doing him little favors directly or indirectly by preparing him happy by picking him work.

Remove your friend work

  • Does your friend very much to do, you can surprise him by picking him work. These can be all sorts of activities.
  • Is your friend really busy, because he might just have tests in the study, surprise him by accepting domestic work for him. Wash or iron laundry for him, brush his apartment for him or go shopping for him.
  • After a busy day, your friend will certainly be very happy if you cook him a nice meal and leave him a while forgetting his stress.
  • But even with study tasks or learning you can help your friend.
  • Ask him on what he needs to know or accept z. B. Search work for him.

surprise with small favors

But even with small favors can surprise the friend.

  • Give your friend z. B. a voucher for a massage. Just buy maybe a nice aroma oil and ensure that it is your friend really well.
  • A bedside accommodated breakfast with croissants, fresh orange juice and everything that belongs to you is, surprise determines your friend.
  • Or surprise your friend once with a really great meal. Boil z. B. a very expensive 3-course meal or prepare a romantic fondue or raclette. Even chocolate fondue can be very romantic.
  • It is intended to also be good if you make with your boyfriend something that you do not make yourself so happy. That will show him how much you love him.
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