How can you enhance an electromagnet? - So succeeds's

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How can you enhance an electromagnet?  - So succeeds's

With the magnetic needle to test the Elektomagneten.

How to manufacture an electromagnet

  • When you connect a piece of wire to a battery and approaching the wire with a magnetic needle that will find that this deflects. It originated magnetism. But this is so weak that you can not even lift so a paperclip.
  • You can reinforce the magnetism, in which you wrap the wire around a small cardboard tube. You then have a coreless coil but no real electromagnet. They note the magnetic needle that magnetism is stronger, but also so you can lift no paperclip.
  • Now push a bar of soft iron in this coil, the magnetism is significantly stronger, with this electromagnet you can raise even some office chambers.

So you can amplify the power

You can now do more experiments to find out how to strengthen an electromagnet. Measuring a thin and a thick wire of the same length from you.

  • Wrap both wires 5 times around the cardboard tube with the soft iron core. Connect the wires to the battery. Count, which attracts the electromagnet more paperclips. It is the thick of the wire.
  • Now wrap the wires instead of 5 times 20 times around the roller. Try again, how many paperclips now be tightened. You will see that you can strengthen the electromagnet by the number of turns.
  • Connect now instead of a battery, two batteries. With the paper clip test you will quickly discover that the larger amperage has increased the electromagnet.

So you can amplify an electromagnet in which you increase the number of turns and / or the current strength. The fact that the thickness of the wire has an influence, is due to that a thicker wire has a lower resistance, thus at the same voltage, a larger current flows (U = RI, I = U / R).

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